Music Monday Vol. 1


I introduce to you all, Music Mondays! This is the part of my blog where I’ll be taking a step back in this hectic world in which we’re thrown music left and right, with Future dropping two ALBUMS within 4 DAYS to producers such as Mike WiLL Made-It, DJ Khaled, and Calvin Harris, dropping entire works peppered with top 20 artists!

I’ll be breaking down the songs I’ve been listening to recently to songs that have become staples in my library. I’ll talk relevance, break the song down some, and just explain why it appeals to me and why I believe you should give it a listen. Hopefully y’all already pressed play and noticed, but I decided to organize these into Spotify playlists that will also be accompanying the post so you can listen along! I swear, technology is super cool!  So without further ado, let’s jump into the first song:

PRESS PLAY!!!!!!!!
1. Culture (feat. DJ Khaled) x Migos, DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled. Classic. Coming in and blasting his name all over the track. If you can bear the first 15 seconds of Khaled, that flow instantly spins you off. This song sets the tone for a gritty yet glamorous album, one in which the Migos go off about their lives on the North side of Atlanta, Georgia. The song is a cacophony of sounds, as is expected from a Migos beat. Adlibs flying left and right, Culture is a song that takes you from the start and keeps your head bumping the entire way through, through each of Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset’s verses.  It’s indicative of the young group’s hard hitting sounds and celebratory rhymes. A great intro to an album that is just as complete as the first song itself.

2. Who Dat Boy x Tyler, The Creator

ICONIC Tyler start. Heavily synthesized, spooky electronic beat that slowly but surely draws the listener in. Heavy hitting bars following the drop right after, nasty. “Stand up guy, don’t need no chair” “Fresh to death like he got dressed in a coffin” The beat stays relatively the same throughout, bumping just as hard as when it was first introduced to the song as Tyler continuously just pours BARS. A minute 40 into the song and A$AP Rocky graces the spooky bridge until the synth beat takes him over too. Rocky goes on to match Tyler’s energy and spits like is expected of the Mob leader. Overall, if you like bumping your head HARD, enjoy technical master classes of beats, and enjoy Tyler and Rocky then this song is yours. Also, this is the first single off of his latest album “Flower Boy”. PEEP THE BEES, SAVE THE BEES!


One of the most slept on and underrated artists of our generation, Raury has had hits like CPU and Forbidden Knowledge where he drops gems of knowledge on funk beats. Raury has stayed under the radar, despite being signed by Columbia records. This record starts with a deep tribal sound, something that draws you into it as soon as you hear it but can’t quite place why. The song is a melodic outcry of a generation pulling its threads together to try and stay alive. Raury’s even talking flow makes the song into a conversation with the listener, explaining the struggles we all face on the daily. It’s a record you can sit down with, alone or with friends, and appreciate fully. The message is one of positivity, one where we rise above the bands that hold us down. Courage, courage in the face of all obstacles, the biggest theme in the record.

4. Hoist & Wine x Charly Black

ISSA VIBE. I have an admiration for Carribean, Island, and Afro styled music. It’s weird because I only recently got introduced to this music once I came to college. Charly Black, Popcaan, Sean Paul, some really big names that pop to mind. This song is an ode to the care-free dancehall culture in the Islands. With a happy up beat tune to start, the song instantly makes one want to get up and start “wining”. This song is such a sonic pleasure to hear, gets the spirits up, I’ll let it do most of the talking for itself.

5. Rollin x Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid

I can not heap enough praise for the piece of art Calvin Harris dropped named Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. The entire project, from “Slide” to “Hard to Love”, was sonically crafted to emulate what Summer brings. Ths project, full of beats with good vibes and top name artists, is something you can leave on repeat at a function and expect the best of times. Calvin starts the song with a smooth piano piques the interest and teases. The heavy funk driven synth motif that comes next sets the beat for the remainder of the song. Khalid, then comes in and graces the funky sounds with his melodic chorus. This is the type of sound you want permeating from your speaker as you float down the river with a cold one. Future then rolls into the song, exuberantly exclaiming his success, his rap style and voice contrasting the smooth beat. The electronic waves and crescents in this song are perfect to get lost in, captivating the mind.

There’s the first volume of my own Music Mondays. Hope yall enjoyed the small selection of what I’ve been listening recently.


Syed Shahzar Ahmed

p.s. Drop your own songs that y’all’ve been enamored with down below, I always love finding new music!



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